Tuesday, July 3, 2007

This is why we are the Kings of Customer service!

Check out this thread from the 1911 forum:


WARNING: It is very, very, very long. But it is just a great story. If you've got some free time, get yourself a cold drink, some snacks, sit down and enjoy ...


Anonymous said...

Great service does not mean you have the responsibility for other peoples stupidity. The costs for great service must be reflected ultimately in your product.


The only time I've had to contact SA's customer service was because of the infameous rust problem on a XD9.

Springfield did a great job of refinishing the slide.

Since then I've purchased a 1911 GI and an XD45.

For my money Springfield beats out the other companies.

I just hope some day they come out with a Peacemaker clone and a snubbie.

Anonymous said...

You got that right Springfield...Your custom shop is the bees knees...I will always have a Springfield in my stable. Kudos...that gun looks new...except for the hammer, which is a good reminder to the owner of his mistake. LOL

Anonymous said...

"Great service does not mean you have the responsibility for other peoples stupidity. The costs for great service must be reflected ultimately in your product. "

I don't find anything unusual in Springfield's service of this particular pistol . They continue year after year to give excellent service whether you have a small or large problem . If they can fix it they will . If they can't , they tell you straight up and most often offer an option . This customer screwed up . He stated what happened in an honest manner . Springfield fixed it AND charged him a fee . Sounds like good business to me .
Mitch English

Springfield Marketing Guy said...

In response to "Anonymous,"
Yes, the costs for great service are indeed reflected in the price of all our products. As are many other items such as employee health benefits, the price of political activism, exorbitant salaries for marketing staff, etc. Ultimately the consumer must look at the price of a given product and decide whether it is worth it, with or without all the other things baked in. I think if you were to do a price comparison of our products, you would find that even with our considerable support for the shooting sports and the NRA and with our customer service, we are still very, very competitive.

zac said...

I wish you would start selling parts for the XD, you will be great to me then.

Allen said...

I agree. SA has never done me wrong. Just got my XD back a few weeks ago and they refinished it under warranty, replaced my locking block, and replaced my night sights. I just paid the shipping to them.

+1 for SA's customer service and Megan over there she was very courteous.

Peter D. said...

I own 2 XD-9's, a service model and a subcompact. Incredibly reliable, very comfortable, and more accurate than I could hope for, the XD has become my favorite pistol, hands down. On two occasions I contacted customer service with minor questions regarding when my XD's were made. I recently inquired about a grip extension that wasn't included with my subcompact gear package. The part was sent out at no cost and in my hands in only a few days. All of the representatives I spoke with were very helpful. Thanks Springfield.....for a great product, and great service. My only suggestion.....change the spare parts policy and allow us to purchase spare parts to have on hand. Thanks again!

DaBigInch said...

SA, by all means, listen to your customers!

The XD series has grown to be my favorite firearms. The stable has grown to 13, no make that 14 as I have to pick one up this PM at my dealer (traded a Kahr for an XD45C).

Parts, parts and parts! XDTalk.com is always asking that question.

curtis said...

I have three Springfields and love them all. My first was a PX9152LP Black Stainless Target then XD 45 5" bitone then a PB9151LP Mil Spec.

All are great and work flawless right out of the box. My XD is my almost everyday carry.

Your customer service is great you actually get to speak to a HUMAN. Please remember customers want a real HUMAN not a computer asking for puch one for ENGLISH.

Keep up the great work :).

Curtis from TEXAS

Anonymous said...

It was a close toss-up between a Colt or a Springfield 1911, this episode of customer service just confirmed how I was leaning. You will have a new customer. Thanks for keeping customer service alive.