Monday, July 16, 2007

Apple knows great advertising
when they see it

Check out the new print ad for Apple's hot new iPhone:

Look Familiar?

How about this one?

Or this one ...

When pressed for a comment, iRate Springfield Art Director Chad Dyer could only angle for a handout: "You would think if they are just gonna rip off my design, the least they could do is show me a little love with a free iPhone," He said.



Sunshine said...

I would say this seems a littl fishy to me on the part of Apple. It's just all to similar, even down to the lighting. You know, I actually worked with Chad a number of years ago, I learned a lot from him and he played a large role in getting me where I am today. The man deserves some respect and I just can't believe the blatant rip off this is of his work. Apple should not only give him an iPhone, they should throw in a free two-year subscription AND a formal apology.


Springfield Fanboy said...

You've got to hand it to Mr. Dyer, he's quite the graphic designer. It's interesting that a company like Apple would steal his idea.

Justin said...

How can you take credit for that "generic" layout?

Come on... im a creative director and have seen everything 5 times over, just here to say you didnt invent this layout, and furthermore no one from Apple ever saw your ads homie! Coincidence? i think so!

You lames need to calm down wanting free stuff from apple, you didnt do anything to deserve it.

Todd said...

Lame, lame, lame. So because you used a black background and a clean product image, think this is an original concept? I'd bet there are a million other ad designs that predate your idea and are probably a lot better to boot. Bah. Promo whore.

Justin said...

"It's just all to similar, even down to the lighting."

Did you see the ad? Mr. Dyer's is back lit! Apple's light comin from phone?

hows that the same?

SA Ad Guy said...

No I didn't invent the black background ... but I did invent "Show us Your BuckMark." And that was six years ago. Maybe Browning and Apple have the same agency.

sa ad Guy said...

Thank's to Chad's girlfriend and mother for their kind words. Don't pay any attention to those other mean boys.

Watchful said...

As a design professional, I'm having a hard time seeing the similarity beyond there being a hand and a black background.

And the lighting is most definitely not the same. The hand in the XD 45 ads appear to be lit from above and the lighting feels much "flatter." The light in Apple's ad appears to be coming from the iPhone. Apple's ad also has a softer, cooler feel to it, with subtle bluring around things like text to soften it and give it that ethereal feel.

There is also a cooler feel to the ad by subtle difference in color, and no use of red in the text.

So no, I'm just not seeing where the rip off occurred.

Anonymous said...


Not only are you not seeing where the ripoff occurred, you are not seeing where the joke occurred either. Hint: It's been running trough this blog for nine comments now. Sorry you missed it.

M1Thumb said...

Looks like Apple took a lesson in material lifting from Avril.

"No similarity whatsoever."

The most disappointing part of this whole thing to me is that you want and i-phone.

Sunshine said...

For those of you who say the two ad campaigns are not similar,.. you have to at least admit that one was "inspired" by the other. It appears that Apple was "inspired" by the SA ads. 'Justtin' - you're too literal, the lighting is not from the same source in both ads, but both have the lighting centrally located with black all around. Are you that naive? Oh and also 'Justin', do you work at Apple or something?... how can you say no one at Apple has seen these SA ads? Or are you one of those people who talks in complete generalities as if they are common knowledge and matter of fact, just to make yourself feel good?