Thursday, August 30, 2007

Illinois counties line up to say NO
to Chicago gun-grabbing politics

It's been a crazy year in Illinois politics. Three months after the 2007 session was slated to end ... still no budget. It seems that even though the Democratic party controls both chambers of the legislative branch and the Governor's office, they still can't get anything done. Fortunately this includes the dozens of gun control bills introduced and sponsored by Chicago-area politicians. It seems that the traditional divide between Democrats and Republicans pales in comparison to the chasm that separates the big-city politicians from the rural representatives. The small-town guys have done a great job of banding together and fighting the Daley-esque pols who would love to address the complex problems that fester only in our urban districts by limiting the freedoms of citizens statewide. The battle isn't taking place in Springfield alone, it's being fought in every county in the state. At this point, more than 30 Illinois counties have passed official resolutions opposing additional gun control in the state.

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On the same topic, check out this video by Valinda and Mike Rowe we found on the Illinois State Rifle Association website. It spells out pretty well how screwed up the politics are around here:

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Joe said...

All I can say as a gun owner, and one person who sells them, is GOD BLESS THOSE IN THE LAND OF LINCOLN WHO FIGHT FOR A PERSON'S RIGHT TO OWN FIREARMS!